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Business and Company Liquidators

So what does asset liquidation mean? Technically liquidate means to convert assets into cash or equivalent by selling them. While businesses can liquidate assets to free up cash even in the absence of financial hardship, asset liquidation in the business world can be done as part of a bankruptcy, relocation or updating equipment.

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Commercial Liquidation

If you are in the process of relocation, consolidating, or closing your business CAL Services is your best choice for a business equipment liquidation. CAL Services has over 25 years experience in every avenue that can maximize your cash intake and do it the quickest way possible. Bulk sales, auctions, private transactions are just a few ways we can make your project go smoothly and quickly. This can be an overwhelming process - particularly to the inexperienced. You may think that you can make more money and do it yourself but you have enough to do, let us take the burden off your plate and let you conduct the business that you need.

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Inventory Assessment

Business transitions constantly require change, redesign, upgrading or downsizing. When you need to liquidate assets - office equipment, tools, furniture, computers, inventory, who do you call? As one of the top liquidators in the country, we can take the pain out of a company relocation, excess inventory or any other business scenario you have run into.

First - Make a list, or call us and we can do an assessment of the pieces you want to get rid of. They can including:

Office supplies, furniture and supplies

Equipment - business, computers, phones, electronics and related machinery

Vehicles and manufacturing equipment

Building materials, general business

CAL Services offers expert appraisals to business’s of all types and sizes. Our staff has over 25 years of appraisal, expert evaluation and liquidation experience.

After we assess your present situation we can give you advice and expectations. We have experience that covers a broad spectrum on businesses and can help you appraise your assets.

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